Butafosfan 100 мг
Vitamin В12 0,05 мг


  • Regulation of metabolism
  • Tonic effect
  • Stimulation of regeneration, growth and development
  • Boosting of the immune system
  • Stimulation of bone formation
  • Improved liver function
  • Improvement of hematopoiesis
  • Regulation of cortisol levels
  • Improvement of glycogen synthesis
  • Stimulation of DNA and methionine synthesis
  • Increase in the absorption of nutrients obtained from feed
Prevention or treatment of deficiencies of Vitamin B12 and phosphorus in cattle, swine, horses, and poultry
  • Vitabutan is used once daily i/v slowly, i/m or s/c in the following doses:
    Cattle, horses: 5.0 – 25.0 ml
    Calves, foals: 5.0-12.0 ml
    Goats, sheep: 2.5-8.0 ml
    Lambs: 1.5-2.5 ml
    Pigs: 2.5-10.0 ml
    Piglets: 1.0- 2.5 ml
    Cats: 0.5-2.5 ml
    Dogs: 0.5-5.0 ml
  • For birds Vitabutan is added to drinking water:
    Chickens 1.0-1.5 ml/l water
    Broilers and laying hens 2.0-3.0 ml/l water
    Decorative birds 1.0-3.0 ml/l waterThe duration of therapy is
    3-5 days, in necessary the treatment should be continued for another 2 days. If necessary, the treatment course may be repeated in 2 weeks.
Zero meat and milk withdrawal.