Sodium selenite 1 mg
Vitamin E 60 mg
Vitamin B1 40 mg

Emulsion for Injection



Recharge animals growth, health, reproduction and energy.

Selenvet-B® is indicated for the prevention and therapy of diseases associated with deficiency of vitamin E and selenium, especially muscular dystrophy in young livestock. Selenvet-B® has beneficial effect on the reproduction of cows.
Cattle, horses:
1 ml/50 kg b.w. Repeat after 2 – 4 weeks if necessary, after the fifth month of gestation to prevent deficiency in calves and foals.
Sheep and goats: 1 ml/50 kg b.w., after the third month of gestation to prevent
deficiency in lambs and goatlings.
Max. dose is 20 ml for horses, 15 ml for cows, 5 ml for sheep and
goats, 2 ml for dogs and cats.
Poultry: 2 ml per 5 liters of drinking water (200 ml of water is used per 1 bird per day).
For meat: 0 days
For milk: 0 hours