Sodium selenite 1 mg Vitamin E 60 mg Vitamin B1 40 mg Emulsion for Injection UNIQUE VITAMIN COMPLEX ADVANTAGES OF USING Recharge animals growth, health, reproduction and energy. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BROCHURE INDICATIONS Selenvet-B® is indicated for the prevention and therapy of diseases associated with deficiency of vitamin E and selenium, especially muscular dystrophy in … Read more


Butaphosphan 100 mg Vitamin В12 0,05 mg HEALTHY BALANCE SUPPORT ADVANTAGES OF USING Regulation of metabolism Tonic effect Stimulation of regeneration, growth and development Boosting of the immune system Stimulation of bone formation Improved liver function Improvement of hematopoiesis Regulation of cortisol levels Improvement of glycogen synthesis Stimulation of DNA and methionine synthesis Increase in … Read more